Server Rules

Wed 17th Aug 2016 - 9:09pm

[M] Mumblerines Teamwork [EU] Server rules!

# English is the primary server language

# Join a squad, don’t remain unassigned!

# Squad leaders are required to have a working microphone and be capable to communicate with other squad leaders. Any squad leader incapable of communicating with other squad leaders will be asked to resign and/or get kicked. All other players are also strongly encouraged to have a working microphone.

- Squad leaders are free the lead their squads as best they fit.

- As squad leader use the squad leader kit!

# Teamwork is everything. Play as a team. Follow orders. Play the Objectives.

- Don’t attack flags that can’t be taken unless there is a legitimate tactical reason for doing so.
(Tactical reason could be to attack an objective that’s about to be capable. Another one could be to stop the enemy from advancing to the next objective)

- Giving away location of caches, FOBs or how many tickets your team has in all chat or by swapping team is strictly prohibited!

- Once all flags are captured don’t push towards the enemy main, stay and defend the objective!

- Attacking main base is strictly prohibited!

- No “Free Kits” squads are allowed since this doesn’t encourage teamwork and teamplay.

# Do not advertise other clans or communities on the server.

# Respect all players and play fair!

- Cheating, exploiting, greifing, trolling, racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated!

- Do not team-kill, if it do happen apologies for the accident!

# Do not use inappropriate, offensive or inflammatory names!

- Refrain from using symbol names or other names that will be incomprehensible to say.
Ex. “(-:o-/_/)"


- Squad leaders will decide who will get to use the vehicles so respect that!

- Wasting assets by driving straight in to objectives and get them destroyed will not be acceptable!
(You will be kicked or banned)

- Destroying team assets in main or anywhere else is prohibited!
(You will be banned)

Admins are present to enforce the server rules. The priority is to maintain high quality gameplay and good teamwork for the benefit of all players. They retain the right to act accordingly with any undefined disruptive behavior that is not defined by these rules however they deem appropriate.




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