MUMBLERINES site launch and updates!

Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General


Since the founding of the Mumblerines we have grown quite a lot. We have gone from just a few people who play Squad regularly together with a high focus on teamwork & microphones on other Squad communities Squad server to be hosting one of the most popular public Squad server.

Due to this growth and future plans of expansion Me & Nordic has decided to do some restructuring.

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the process of obtaining another 72 slot server due to the high popularity of our current one. More info on this to come.
We are currently in the process of launching a proper website. This website is meant to be used as the primary Mumblerines platform upon its launch.
But we STILL intend to retain our presence amongst the steam groups due to its easy-accessibility.

Thus effective immediately we are transitioning from ONE to TWO steam groups in the following order;

Mumblerines Server Community - will be a public steam group to act as an easy to reach platform for people who play on our server to gain easy access to additional information such as; our server rules, be able to post feedback, report offending players, get announcements or just wants to show their support of our server etc.

Mumblerines (our current group) - will be refitted into a “members only” group and will only hold clan members of the Mumblerines. To make it easier to give out clan announcements and/or plan clan events etc. All current members will be given 1 week to inform themselves of the current situation so they can join the public Mumblerines Server Community group if they wish. After this 1 week transitioning period all non-Mumblerines members will be purged from this steam group.

Thanks for reading!
Benevolent Supreme Overlord Von^Snoe




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